Barack Obama Presidency

Barack Obama: The Public Access President

In 1952, my father was a young sailor in the US Coast Guard, on leave in Washington. Early one morning, he’d gone to a shop to buy cigarettes, stepped outside for a smoke and was startled by the sight of the President of the United States

This Is A Class War. Guess Which Side Obama's On?

From Time for Change at Democratic Underground, part of a very long piece about the division among Democrats. I thought this nailed it: Yes, the administration and Congress have accomplished a lot -- but where are the programs and legislation that

2012: What's Next

So the bloodbath is over. I remember waking up the day after Bush won reelection in 2004 and had a similar feeling, only we didn't hold the White House. It's been discussed on this blog and others what we thought the mistakes were since 2008, so I