ESPN Reporter Slams Hannity And Fox For Defending Abusive Coach

On this Sunday's Reliable Sources on CNN, ESPN senior writer Andy Katz was asked by host Howard Kurtz about Fox hosts Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity and their defense of the abusive Rutgers basketball coach last week and Katz was more than happy to give Kurtz an earful with what he thought of them.

Bobby Knight Is A Wanker

Mark McGwire's faux apology is backfiring on him as many sports reporters and fans are outraged now more than they were before he came out of the cl

Petraeus/Crocker Testimony Part II

Same as the last time...Everything is better, but very fragile...Sure sounds like they want the 1oo year---McCain Plan to me. Crocker: ...almost ever

Please Fire Isiah Thomas

Philly is laughing at you, James Dolan. Please-fire-Isiah. Wasn't it enough that he lost a sexual harassment suit? The Knicks are an embarrassment. Br