August 12, 1945 - Nail Biting.

(Some people stayed that way for days) [media id=17801] Over two days since the first false reports of a Japanese surrender and nothing but rumo

Open Thread

"Leave Arizona alone!!!" We sure will. (And yeah, we're taking bets as to which particular drug mule Governor Brewer is actually riding these da

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Hooboy. Did you hear about the neocon, national paper of record that printed an op-ed that might have as well been written by Dic

Sunday Talking Head Thread

(Photo via glynnish.) The Sunday talking head line-up is ready for reading. It's a whole lot of not much this morning, I have to say. Any bets on whe

 Place Your Bets

via Atrios Eagles vs. Patriots. I suggest we choose a charity for each team. If the Pats win, all us betting on the Eagles have to donate to the Ame