Bob Herbert

Rubio Calls For IRS Commissioner Who Already Left Department To Resign

Sen. Marco Rubio sent out a letter this Monday, calling for the IRS commissioner to resign in the wake of the latest dust up over the agency's admission that there were some conservative groups targeted by the branch in Cincinnati. The problem with his request -- the IRS commissioner when these scandals occurred was a Bush appointee who no longer heads the department:

Moyers: The Election Is Over, Now What?

The election is finally over, so what happens next? Reihan Salam, a conservative blogger at National Review Online’s “The Agenda”, and long-time New York Times columnist Bob Herbert join Bill to assess and debate how the election revealed changes in American social and political culture. They also discuss what Obama’s re-election means for working families and people at the bottom of our economic ladder.

Michael Steele Denies That There's Any Racism Involved In GOP Voter Suppression

While discussing Florida's history of voter suppression on this Sunday's Up w/Chris Hayes, former RNC chair Michael Steele did his best to try to pretend that one, Republicans really don't want to keep people from voting and two, that there's no racism involved with what they're doing across the country with purging these voting rolls.

Up With Chris Panel On Chasing The Unequal American Dream

The panel on Up With Chris Hayes this Saturday of Sam Seder, Bob Herbert, Josh Barro and Victoria Defrancesco Soto had a discussion on the growing wealth inequality and lack up social mobility which are being made worse by things like Republicans

Bob Herbert: The United States Is Losing Its Soul

Bob Herbert on America's path to becoming a second-class power We can go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and threaten to blow Iran off the face of the planet. We can conduct a nonstop campaign of drone and helicopter attacks in Pakistan and run a