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Senate Torture Report Released

Senate Torture Report Released

The 528-page document catalogues dozens of cases in which CIA officials allegedly deceived their superiors at the White House, members of Congress and even their own peers.

TIME: Can FOX News Survive Post-Bush?

We can dream, can't we? TIME: You could say the same thing lately for Fox News Channel itself. Fox hasn't gone soft, but from watching its coverage

Mike's Blog Roundup

Editor&Publisher: Finally! The MSM will grudgingly report that St. McCain actively sought and accepted the endorsement of a couple old pals of the

Waxman Sets The Record Straight

Following up on an item from yesterday, the White House officially made a ridiculous argument about officials' missing emails. The White House is cur

The White House Has An Email Problem

We learned earlier this year that most of the Bush White House’s senior staff, in blatant violation of the Presidential Records Act, sidestepped an