Mike's Blog Roundup

They gave us a republic: Conservative media has different aims and is held to different 'standards' Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Exposing Top Secret Am

Did James Cameron Find Jesus?

Boy, is this sure to ruffle some Christian feathers. Paging Mr. Donohue... Mr. Donohue... WaPo : Filmmakers and researchers on Monday unveiled two

Mike's Blog Round Up

Feministe: 9/11 Redux David E’s Fablog: Lost in the rubble of Monday’s clusterf*ck of five-year-old news came this gem from Mr. Sheri Ann

Press Corp Grilling Scotty

David Gegory: Did Karl Rove commit a crime? Scotty: Again David, this is a question relating to an ongoing investigation... Raw Story has a rush t

Protest Picture!

This was on NBC. I wonder if Fox showed any of the demonstrators? I'm sure they did. Was Carl Cameron the commentator? Oh, that's right. He got a p

The Power Of The Blog:

Fox News has now posted a retraction and apology for the piece with the fabricated Kerry quotes ... Earlier Friday, posted an item purport