Fun With Rep. Paul Ryan

[media id=9697] Can you tell what Republican Congressman Paul Ryan is talking about without any sound? There could be an after-Congress career for th

Open Thread/Caption This Photo

and the offering from Tengrain: "I think the Rapture Meter just went off the scales...." I also love any caption that has Lynne saying "I now pronoun

Write Your Own Caption

The San Francisco Chronicle is doing their annual "Year in Pictures" feature. C&Ler Hugh J. found this one and sent it to me. I admit i

GOP/SVU: Special Victims Unit

Bush with Foley: Write your own caption ...* Much as I tried to resist, I'm now tracking the Foley matter closely. We may wish the political ti

More On Ciro Rodriguez

A photo showing President Bush cupping the cheeks of Rep. Henry Cuellar at last week's State of the Union address is a gift that keeps on giving for