Character Assassin

The Right On Pat Tillman

They only support the troops when it suits them... The NRO had a glowing op-ed to Pat on 05/04/04: "Courage and Honor." Pat and his family

Ann Althouse Loses It...

An instant classic...She attacks Jessica Valenti about taking a picture with a group of bloggers at a Bill Clinton luncheon some time ago and then fl


Digby: The NY Times has apparently had some kind of revelation about the fact that the Whitewater and subsequent scandals were ginned up by rich righ

Mike's Blog Round Up

Wampum reports that NPR has been drinking the same GOP Kool-Aid. Ignorance can kill so don't listen to Laura Bush. Incompetence is just as deadly. I

Memo To Bill O'Reilly: Please Retire

Memo to Bill O'Reilly: Please Retire Now! As I said in a post last night, Bill attacked Media Matters and CAP in as dishonest a way as he could think