Mike's Blog Round Up

TrueSlant: Hire Rachel Maddow to fix Meet the Press. The Zoo: A Question to Ask, with an interesting comment thread Mad Kane: Bystander President

Mike's Blog Round Up

Zaius Nation: Zaius sings a time-honored tribute to Max Baucus. Sunshine Empire: It's about payback. Just an Earthbound Misfit: No, our children is

Mike's Blog Roundup

A Poetic Justice pays tribute to Congresswoman Tubbs Jones... Mock, Paper, Scissors: Reason for running. Beggars can be Choosers: Trust me, this is

Open Thread

Happy Easter, and Happy Second Blogiversary to our second favorite guilty pleasure, Hot Chicks with Douchebags. (click the image for a bigger picture

Mike's Blog Round Up

Continuing with my recognition of the intrepid bloggers who filled in so ably while I was away... Politics in the Zeros: Money for nothin', chicks for

Mid-day Open Thread

Sunday Funnies will never be the same since I read "The Family Circus: Why Jeffy is 'Bag" at my favorite guilty blog pleasure, Hot Chicks with Doucheb

"Bridging" The Gap On Treason

Dear me. A bridge player had the audacity to hold up a sign that said "We did not vote for Bush." Instantly, she's a traitor! And I thought playing t

Open Thread/ The Dixie Chicks

Congratulations to the Dixie Chicks for winning the Grammy for Record of the Year. Good to see Joan Baez up there... [media id=300] [media id=301]

Mike's Blog Round Up

Pam's House Blend: 'Homosexual agenda'= Nazi agenda. Anyone confused about what constitues fascism should take this this quiz. Tristram Shandy: Why a

Dixie Chicks New Song

"Not Ready to Make Nice." Give a listen, it's a great tune. I know the talking heads have been focusing on them as if their career is over. UPDATE: A