Big-Government Conservatives Set Sights On Cities

There's more to the madness in North Carolina than state religion and vote suppression. The new, GOP-dominated legislature means to dominate the larger cities where Democratic voters are concentrated as well, and to privatize public assets. Legislators are steamrolling Democrats and Republicans alike.

C&L's OccuPies Drive Is Still On!

When we first decided to raise money to by Occupiers some pizzas - we have NO IDEA there would be hundreds of encampments lasting this long. No joke. We thought it'd be a weekend. Couple of pizzas and DONE. Well, we were wrong. They are still there

Congress Then - Congress Now: George Meany - Labor Day 1967

George Meany - Summers of disconnect past. (Editors Note: This is a repost from last year. Seems just as relevant in 2011 as it did in 2010.) The subject of AFofL-CIO President George Meany's labor Day address that September of 1967 was The Long

Newstalgia Reference Room - Dean Rusk - 1967

Newstalgia Reference Room - An interview from Face the Nation with Secretary of State Dean Rusk on Vietnam, the rising tide of dissent towards the war, the recent riots, the Cold War, Communist countries, The middle East, the recent Six Day War. From July 30, 1967

Exploring Transparency

I find urban studies fascinating, which is perhaps why it was a concentration back when I was in school. To me--perhaps because I have lived in big cities most of my life--finding ways to reform city government, bring transparency, better deliver