Craig Crawford

Open Thread

Please join us TOMORROW for a live book chat with Craig Crawford, co-author of Listen Up, Mr. President: Everything You Always Wanted Your President

Andy Card Is Out

Andrew Card is out Joshua B. Bolten is in. That should change everything. Is anyone surprised that President Bush chose someone close to him? It was

Craig Crawford Interview

I'm going to interview Craig Crawford tomorrow afternoon about his book "Attack the Messenger." It's really a good read and very timely. If you have a

More On Mr. Bill And The Levees

Craig Crawford :Before we buy the claims of politicians that there was no way to predict or prevent the sinking of New Orleans, it's worth asking ho

Ann Coulter Backlash

It's good to see others jump on and demand some answers: Steve G. Brant wonders what Rudy Giuliani will say if anything. Mark Green gives her a bi