Mike's Blog Roundup

Democratic Strategist: Guilt By Pronunciation FiveThirtyEight: News Flash: Car Dealers Are Republicans Suicide Girls: Payday Lending/Rape Politics

Your Liberal Media On Religion

I've traveled the country coast to coast and found that most Americans are very moderate when it comes to religion. Check out this study. But as

Mike's Blog Roundup

democracyarsenal: Operation Bite: More than we can chew? Infowars: No agreed upon border between Iraq and lran, so where were those British sailors?

Compassionate Conservatives

Amanda resigned yesterday. Pandagon is going up and down right now... Check out the hate filled diatribes by the Bill Donohue clan...Try this one as

CNN On The Edwards/Blogger Story

I wasn't happy with this report. Why did CNN choose to interview Danny Glover for the piece anyway? Why did CNN give Donohue a nice platform with