energy bill

Light Bulb Conservatism

Republicans have been complaining about taxes, the economy and jobs day and night, but strangely light bulbs has become a hot issue for them instead of job creation. House lawmakers Tuesday stymied an initial effort by Republicans to put an end

Bachmann: New Energy Bill Is 'Tyranny'

Rep. Michelle Bachmann says that because of a new energy bill "the federal government will virtually have control over every aspect of lives for the A

Right-Wing House Twists Arms: Shame!

Right-Wing House Twists Arms: Shame! Brad Blog: Republicans House members DeLay, Barton, Hastert and Blunt held the vote open on a controversial ener

Billions Of Dollars In Tax Breaks

Big Oil = $Billions----Amtrak = $0 The Peach The Peach can do nothing but shrivel its fuzzy forehead when it looks at Bush's spending plans for this n