Family Planning

Where's The Controversy In Saving Lives?

A new video from the Gates Foundation... Giving women and girls access to family planning tools and information is the easiest way to empower them to determine their own futures. Raise your voice and pledge to support family planning for

This Week In The War On Women

Beginning today, up to 47 million women may be eligible to get free access to preventive health care services as that provision of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act goes into effect...

GOP Rep: Married Couples Should Practice Abstinence

State Rep.Lynne Blankenbeker (R-NH) suggested yesterday that married couples who can't afford birth control can use condoms or abstinence, because they're available "over the counter" and they are affordable. "People with or without insurance

Celebrate 91 Years Of Women Voting

Women finally earned the right to vote 91 years ago today - after 72 years of largely unappreciated, back-breaking, work. It took another 66 years before we elected the first Democratic Senator in her own right - today Barbara Mikulski is the

Mike's Blog Roundup

Margaret and Helen: Bart, if you want to reduce abortions, vote to fully fund family planning and comprehensive sex education. Otherwise, shut the hel