Bank Of America To Pay $2.4 Billion

Bank of America announced on Friday that it will pay $2.43 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit with shareholders following its acquisition of Merrill Lynch in 2008. The $50 billion deal came within days of Merrill Lynch’s collapse,

Our Prison System Is A Beast

The United States is spending over $200 billion a year on a justice system that locks up more people than any country on earth. We have more prisoners than China. More than Russia. More than anyone. This colossal system is hitting our

Occupy Wall Street: One Year Later

On Sep. 17, 2011 Occupy Wall Street started a revolution. One year later, join us for three days of education, training, and protest in New York City. The 1% is controlling our fates; we are drowning in loans, student debt, fraudulent

Inside Job, Narrated By Matt Damon

Inside Job, Narrated by Matt Damon (Full Length HD) from jwrock on Vimeo. "Inside Job" provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008, which at a cost over $20 trillion, caused millions of people to lose their

Friedman On MTP: We Need To Innovate Out Of This Crisis.

This Sunday's Meet the Press was themed "The Politics of the Economy: What's Holding America Back?" which featured a discussion between an uncharacteristically wide variety of thinkers across the political spectrum. It is, in part, a discussion

Sen. Coburn's Odd Pro-Dust Bowl Spending Cut Idea

Like many elected officials Senator Tom Coburn is back in his state for the August Recess. While he's home he's been working on his own federal budget proposal that would continue to decapitate any attempt at federal spending. His series of

I'm Legitimately Freaked Out Right Now

I try not to post when I'm upset about something because I prefer to write semi-reasoned analysis instead of crazed emotional heaving. But there comes a time when crazed emotional heaving is a perfectly rational thing to do. We are now in one of