C&L Opening Bell: How Screwed Are American Homeowners?

The answer is, "Extremely." But that doesn't even begin to do it justice, so I consulted the thesaurus, mashed up a bunch of different synonyms and came up with a whole new adjective: "Extrimmensaordinarily." That's pretty bad, if you couldn't

Greed Is Good... Unless You're Teaching My Kids Math!

My homeboy Roy Edroso has an outstanding job of rounding up the rightblogger reaction to the teachers' protests in Wisconsin. You'll never believe it but... they really hate the teachers! It's totally shocking, I know. What I've found most

C&L Opening Bell, 12-23-10

Ho, ho, ho, C&Lers! There have been lots of naughty people in the financial industry this year! But instead of a lump of coal, many of them are getting a big bonus check in their stockings! Let's take a look at some of the yuletide cheer they've

Austerity's Failure: Ireland Finally Asks For Help

When Ireland made the decision to protect all of its banks from losses and cover those losses by imposing austerity measures in 2008, Paul Krugman made hash of the conservatives' argument for adopting that policy. As it turns out, he was right.

The Bealach To Serfdom

While things look pretty bleak in America, we can take comfort from the fact that we aren't alone in letting our economy get looted by multinational financial institutions. In Ireland, where eyes are doing anything but smiling, things are getting

The Looting Of America Continues

Our financial overlords have come up with an ingenious new way to loot the American economy: Forging foreclosure documents. Here's Exhibit A: When Jason Grodensky bought his modest Fort Lauderdale home in December, he paid cash. But seven months

Wear A Condom, America!

So I understand why the Tea Party has been such a big phenomenon this year. No, I really do. You see, people get mad when there's 10% unemployment and a quarter of mortgages are underwater. They get even angrier when they see their government

Cognitive Dissonance, Courtesy Of America's Top CEOs

I ran across this Huffington Post article today and had to read it twice to be sure I was reading it right. Evidently a bunch of CEOs with big names met in Montana at a conference organized by Max Baucus. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric

Live Chat With Russ Feingold: 'Worth Fighting For'

I'm normally not one to gush about individual politicians, but I will make exceptions for exceptional cases. And happily for us all, Russ Feingold is an exceptional senator. What I've always loved about Russ is that, irrespective of political