'Scotty, We're Coming For You'

Scotty, We're Coming for You from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo. Now that makes a statement! A governor who has a criminal defense fund, destroys workers' rights, slashes 800 million from public education in favor of tax breaks for the rich,

Mike's Blog Roundup

Our Future: Seventeen months ago, Rick Perlstein wrote an essay predicting exactly how the 2008 campaign would go down. Turns out the only thing he di

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Washington Independent: The Bush administration has no intention of withdrawing from Iraq and is negotiating to keep troops there for years, even

Digby Speaks

Digby follows up on the Kurtzing of Obama story: If he wins the nomination, I am actually quite hopeful that Obama will continue to get somewhat bet

Mike's Blog Roundup

Iraq Today: News and Views Opinions You Should Have: Romney to spend more time with his money p m carpenter's commentary: An electorate in the wilde