$5 Gas, Rationing, Closed Pumps Lead CA Gov. To Intervene

Ouch, talk about pain at the pump! The average price of gasoline in California rose to $4.65 on Sunday, which is 84 cents higher than the national average. Gas prices in the state have been on the rise all week and jumped almost 20 cents to

You Might Want To Fill Up Your Gas Tank Now

Will you look at all the freaking oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico! Via Jalopnik, this graphic shows the current projected path of the hurricane brought to you by the National Weather Service superimposed with a map of oil rigs and

'I Am The 99%'

Via: We Are The 99 Percent: I’m on an internship for school. I’m not getting paid for it. I’m in a strange city. I don’t know anyone here. I have applied at almost every fast-food restaurant, retail store, gas station, and

'I Am The 99 Percent'

"I know I’m just a kid, but I have no future, and it freaks me out. I’m sorry if it looks like I’m just spoiled and petulant."

May 25, 1942 - Advances And Predictions.

News for May 25, 1942 - Russians regain Kharkov after fierce fighting. Allied Air Raids on Japanese air fields in Rabaul, New Guinea. RAF bombers head for raid on Cologne. Australians working on gasoline replacement. Report from Finland say country on verge of starvation. Capitol Hill looking into gasoline substitutes. Allied Air Superiority predicted by 1943 and war to end by 1944.

Pain At The Pump

Gas prices this January are the highest ever, and now some analysts are saying to expect up to $5 a gallon when the weather warms up again.