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Gaza Deaths Soar; Gilad Sharon: 'Flatten All Of Gaza'

The number of Palestinians killed rises to 96 with hundreds more wounded after six days of air raids, as UN secretary-general calls for ceasefire. And in an op-ed for the Jerusalem Post, Gilad Sharon, the son of former Israeli Prime Minister

Israel Continues Deadly Gaza Air Raids

Here's the latest on the situation from AlJazeera: Fresh Israeli air raids have killed at least eight Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and wounded dozens more, medics say, with Palestinian security sources confirming that at least three of

June 14, 1978 - Carter And Castro.

June 14, 1978. Jimmy Carter alleges Cuban involvement in Zaire uprising. Castro denies it. Negotiations with China put on fast track. Washington poses questions on Israel intentions on Gaza and West Bank, causes rift in Israeli government. UN in session over Lebanon question. Northern Lebanon uneasy over killing of former president Franjileh's son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter by Phalangist gunmen. Japan concerned over oil spills as the result of recent earthquake. Jimmy Carter meets with Indian PM Desai. A roundup of 1978 mid-term election results.

January 18, 1957 - Flights Of Endurance.

News for January 18, 1957 as reported by Edward R. Murrow. Polish Elections, B-52 bombers on first non-stop around-the-world flight. Congressional hearings on Labor Racketeering. Middle East. Aftermath of Suez crisis and withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza. The Cold War.