Mike's Blog Roundup

Think Moderate: President Bush lies (again) about the troop 'surge' d r i f t g l a s s: Please, I am begging you. Begging. Keep defending Al

Feingold Speaks, Kerry Speaks

Feingold Mr. President, I oppose the Military Commissions Act. Let me be clear: I welcome efforts to bring terrorists to justice. It is about time.


Yes, Michelle Malkin has had a change of heart. She's very upset with the way detainees at Gitmo have been treated. No--wait a second---I got confused

Mike's Blog Round Up

Blue Gal: Confronts delusional spiritual pride...and since we're talking Deacon Dubya's sermons on a " Third Awakening ," let's look at some

Bush Presser And Gregory

Bush refused to accept Gregory's question which is very relevant to the discussion about Article III. It was never vague before. As Ezra says, This i