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Pam's House Blend: The 'values' at the Values Voters Summit - Obama as a Muslim Aunt Jemima Firedoglake: McCain/Palin Lies Of The Day Watch...Update

Open Thread

I fear for our culture, part 328957: The six-hundred dollar seven-foot pre-lit upside-down Christmas Tree at Hammacher Schlemmer is sold out. In Aug

If ABC Had Existed In 1858

Publius does a terrific job describing what ABC News viewers may have seen if the network existed in 1858, and had covered the Illinois Senate race.

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Bill Ayers: Turns out the "unrepentant terrorist" that Sean Hannity, the hacks at ABC, and other GOP shills, are so obsessed with, has a blog. The Cu

Priorities, People!

What does it say about the quality of news being given to the American public when Charles Gibson talks about "Rent-A-Pet" but ignores the FISA procee

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No More Mister Nice Blog: Lieberman as next Attorney General? litbrit: Violence is violence is violence Senate 2008 Guru: Republican Senators, when