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Glenn Beck Hates Americans' Morals

First D'Souza, now Glenn Beck. “You know, there’s a new poll out that Muslims, the higher educated Muslims in the Middle East are mor

Mike's Blog Roundup

My Two Sense: Last night, Glenn Beck said that he doesn’t have many black friends because he is scared he might say something somebody "cou

"24" Is Not A Republican Show

It must be tough for the right to defend its national security policies, but the frequent references to the TV show 24 are getting a little silly. In

Why Oh Why?

Clearly, ABC feels that the average TV viewer cannot figure out that they are a right-wing, factually-challenged network devoted to hackery. That is t

Flirting With Fascism

FAIR has a little problem with Glenn Beck. Hell, anyone with an IQ higher than two digits SHOULD have a problem with Glenn Beck: The New York Times (

When Is CNN Gonna Dump This Guy?

I don't usually bother with this guy, but what a racist pig: MediaMatters: On the November 14 edition of his CNN Headline News program, Glenn Be

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck His new show started yesterday and I tell you- what a scream it was! Here's a little of the witty dialogue he'll be bringing CNN's audien

They'll Hire Anyone

"CNN's Headline News has signed conservative radio host Glenn Beck for an hourlong on" Read some of the many wonderful statements: