John "Five In The Noggin'" Gibson's Abortion Lunacy

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Gibson-abortion-nonsense.jpgJohn "Five in the Noggin'" Gibson's abortion lunacy

John Gibson put forth the most ridiculous idea I've heard defending Bennett's recent statements about blacks and abortion. He claimed that liberals don't want blacks to protest abortion because it would lower the voting block for the democratic party. You have to see this hack to believe it. Kirsten Powers jaw almost fell off.

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Gibson: I think liberals are worried that blacks are going to start worrying about abortion...liberals don't want blacks thinking about abortion because they don't want those people peeling away from the support from abortion which is a liberal, sacred cow.

Powers: Are you saying black people don't have power because of abortion?

Gibson puts words and ideas into Bennett's mouth.

Powers: That's not what he's saying....he's tried to back away from it and say-oh-it was taken out of context...

He's at the same level as Mark Williams and Glenn Beck in the B-level talk show host scale who barely have an audience and it's amazing that FOX has this guy on the air at all.


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