Occupy Iowa Caucus Launches

This is hot off the press. Their website isn't fully up yet. But they have a plan: (Dec. 19, 2011) – Des Moines, IA Today Occupy Iowa Caucus (#OIC) launches a campaign that calls on all Iowans to show our dissatisfaction with the current

Handshake Down In Alabama

Like Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and many other states, Alabama has a big, new Republican legislative majority working hard to undermine unions. The House passed HB 64 yesterday, which would amend Alabama's 1901 constitution to require secret

C&L Opening Bell: The Need For Alternative Economic Thinking

So a week or so ago, Freddie deBoer wrote a widely-cited post bemoaning the lack of an actual pro-labor left among most widely read liberal blogs. Instead what we have is mostly a neoliberal consensus that supports many of the same things that