Open Thread

When asked how those Obama death panels were working out for her, Granny Grassley replied, "Hands off my Medicare!" Open thread below... ...

Mike's Blog Roundup

No More Mister Nice Blog: Erickson and Malkin: The People's Front of Judea Stinque: Facebiter Bachmann & Fox News calling out to Brownshirts to s

Open Thread

Senator Grassley waits at table. Mister Blueshield, of course, orders a bucket. Open thread below...

A Few Words About Obama's Speech

I thought the president was very good Wednesday night and his speech has seemed to change the media's dynamic on health care as well as start to bring

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Maybe it's just me, but I think we're hurtling towards a Howard Beale moment between the blogosphere (the *new* media) and the mainstream media. You