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Bush Meets The British Media

A question from the UK press really caught Bush flat footed (cackles ensued) and made Tony Blair smile and say: "You had kind of forgotten what

Blue Gal's Blog Round Up

Brainshrub: Great British animation re the "War on Terror". Tennessee Guerilla Women: House GOP says Foley is more gay than Republican. The

The Bush-Dubai Challenge

I haven't been a very big Lou Dobbs fan-you might say, but I received a lot of emails on this segment from last night. Lou takes Bush up on his chall

Great British Company

Great British Company What Bush doesn't seem to understand. Denis Horgan: "Great British” company. If he doesn't appreciate the difference be

Mike's Blog Round Up

Don't missTHIS !! Sigh*...Another column, another Ronnie reference...guess Washington never got around to passing those necrophilia laws... DIRELAND


Meanwhile, Via Rising-Hegemony In Great Britain, actual journalists are doing their actual jobs. Journalism is something that is not often recognized