Guantanamo detainees

Fox's Krauthammer Wants US Engaged In Endless 'War On Terror'

I'm not sure just who Charles Krauthammer thinks is supposed to be "surrendering" to the United States to finally end this so-called "war on terror," but that's one of the only two scenarios he offered to his cohort Bret Baier on Fox this Thursday as legitimate reasons to end the United States pretending we're at war with a tactic.

Romney In 2007: Close Guantanamo? No. Double Guantanamo!

Today is the 10th anniversary of the prison opening at Guantanamo Bay. On a day where protesters are marching in Washington to protest the fact that it remains open (thanks to Congress), it might be fitting to see what Mitt Romney thinks about

Clinton: 'Vast Majority' Of Detainees Should Get Civilian Trials

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that civilian trials work better than military commission for convicting terrorism detainees. "We do believe that what are called Article Three trials, in other words in our civilian courts, are