Mike's Blog Round Up

Gin and Tacos: Astoundingly ill-timed trash talk. Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Cons and conspiraloons. The Economic Populist: Bankruptcy Hell – the sequel to ForeclosureGate. Electablog: Eight more Michigan state Representatives

Mike's Blog Roundup

Informed Comment: The real question is, would John McCain be good for women? Feministing: Weekly feminist reader Greatscat! Priorities, priorities..

Mike's Blog Round Up

SteveAudio here again with some tunes to begin your week: Jesus is Just Alright With Me. . . It seems that Christianity is dead. Or maybe Right-wing

TDS On Delay's ACU Tribute

TDS on Delay's ACU Tribute Blast form the Past I'm digging in the vault to see what I come up with and this is a winner. The American Conservative

Abramoff "Hearts" Delay-Redux

Any talking heads doubting whether "Gekko Jack" and the Hammer are pals should just watch this circle jerk introduction by Abramoff at the 2002, Coll