Mike's Blog Roundup

the talking dog: July 4, 2008 Shakesville: Were the hecklers in a 'free speech zone?' Majikthise: Propriety dictates that if one can't say something


Ed Helms responds to Shadegg's claims of, "the level of taint." [media id=14546]-WMP [media id=14547]-QT Helms: When Tom Delay or Bob Ney walks i


HomoMeter TDS had a funny bit last week. A year after the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts, Ed Helms investigates to find out if the cri

The Daily Show And Katrina

As usual, Stewart cuts through the red tape " and delivers some of his best work last night on 9/7" Ed Helms says:...through the President's leader

Jesse Helms Is Such A Nice Guy

In the book, Helms suggests that he believed voluntary racial integration would come about without pressure from the federal government or from civil

Clinton Blasts Finkelstein

via AmericaBlog The NY Daily News has the story. It's actually vintage Clinton...and probably a very accurate analysis of Arthur Finkelstein: "...

He's Back!

Jesse Helms biggest fear? Bill Clinton running the United Nations click here