Mike's Blog Roundup

Politics in the Zeros: Spread the meme. Republicans are the party that wrecked America. John McCain's long history with bank failures and financial sc

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Left Coaster: The days of BUSHCO dictating to the Iraqis are over. Halfway There: Why polling is volatile even if voter's aren't Beggars Can Be

Mike's Blog Roundup

Informed Comment: Obama in Iraq: Der Speigel proves al-Maliki story is correct; Series of bombings hit Baghdad PERRspectives: Where in the world is J

Mike's Blog Roundup

Amygdala: Clean Slate Day. There will be a few scorched earth dead-enders, but grownup progressives will see the wisdom in unity. Hillary didn't lose

RBC Meeting Over...

NY Times: After a nearly 10-hour marathon meeting of the Democratic party’s rules committee, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton came away with a total

Are 'Preliminary' Talks Underway?

CNN is reporting, based on word from Hillary Clinton’s “inner circle” is pushing for some kind of “compromise,” and that “preliminary …