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Mike's Blog Roundup

The Big Picture: Criminal probe into Goldman Sachs Our Future: Unfree Markets: The last gasp of a (literally) bankrupt ideology ginandtacos: How to

Mike's Blog Round Up

"Rolling Blunder" by Fred Kaplan is a couple years old but still the article to read on Clinton/Bush/North Korea. Also, see When North Korea

Racial Problems Flourish

I think it's safe to say the last two weeks have been less than kind when it comes to conservatives and race relations. * Sen. George Allen's (R-Va.)

Internment Camps Revisited

This story was on June 23 on CBS: A Republican gubernatorial candidate's call for creation of a forced labor camp for illegal immigrants drew rebukes

Hollywood High School Lockdown

Breaking: Hollywood High School lockdown This is an email from a teacher in Hollywood High: "We have been sitting in class for the last hour and a h