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Please go over to Amazon and "recommend as helpful" Jesus General's priceless review of Going Rogue: The book also fails to expose Mrs. Palin's int

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Rawrahs: Here in Opposite World... Illiterate Electorate: Palin is the Anti-Putin! Or maybe, she's a fellow traveller... But why do we keep talking

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We love Jesus General. Open Thread below, and wishing everyone safe return from their holiday weekend.

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Jesus General applies to be a guest blogger on Tom Delay's---ummm-achhhh--kinda-----sorta----half backed----blog. He's obviously a perfect can

Open Thread: The Fighting First Family

Jesus General: "I created this tribute to the contribution the Bush children, nephews, and nieces are making to the war effort.this tribute to t

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Colorado Confidential New Life Church Colorado Springs, Colorado We, the Overseer Board of New Life Church, have concluded our deliberations concer

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Jesus General on The Majority Report...With pictures...