John Foster Dulles

June 21, 1955 - The UN Charter, Ten Years On.

June 21, 1955 - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations Charter. North Korean pilots defect to South Korea. Big Four Conference in Geneva scheduled for July greeted with enthusiastic anticipation. Winston Churchill welcomes softening of Cold War issues, but is still wary. CIO leader Walter Reuther rejects Auto industry plan for uniform negotiations. Eisenhower extends reciprocal trade agreements.

Trying On Foreign Policies - 1950

(Korea: Police Action - swore up and down we'd be there a few weeks) Note: This is a repost from last November, but the misfires linger on. Our le

John Foster Dulles - May 1959

(Coined the phrase "Massive Retaliation" - Ike ran with it) Fifty years ago this week, former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles died after a tw