Newstalgia Reference Room - JFK In Paris - June 2, 1961

Newstalgia Reference Room- President Kennedy Visits Paris. On his way to the Vienna Summit, President Kennedy pays a visit to Charles DeGaulle to discuss French support of U.S. foreign policy. Wrap-up of days activities for June 2, 1961.

March 28, 1958 - "No Matter Who Is Running The Country".

March 28, 1958. Khruschev shuffles government. House Appropriations votes to give Ike authority to spend 1959 budget in 1958. Walter Reuther testifies before Senate Rackets Committee. Senate appropriates funds for Civil Rights Commission. U.S. Military aid to Yugoslavia ends on this day. VW workers in Germany stage one hour strike over calls to arm German Military with nuclear weapons.

Crystal Ball Gazing In 1964.

Don Gardner from ABC Radio News hosts a panel of correspondents reviewing the events of 1964 and speculation on how 1965 will go.

Daniel Schorr - 1916-2010

(Daniel Schorr - one of the cornerstones of CBS News in the 1950's and 60's) [media id=17608] Most people listening to NPR the last twenty years h