Korean War

March 21, 1951 - Naming Names And Selective Amnesia.

March 21, 1951. N.Y. Crime Committee Hearings. Former Mayor-now Ambassador O'Dwyer grilled on cash payments. Korean War. U.S. troops advance to little resistance. 1,100 casualties this month. 56,000 casualties so far since it started. Call for joint meeting between Labor and Management. Deputy Foreign Ministers at Big 4 Conference in Paris reach no conclusions. HUAC Hearings start, focusing on Hollywood. And Government concludes it's case against three defendants in spy hearings. Defendant Julius Rosenberg denies any part in spy ring.

February 2, 1951 - Radioactive Snow.

February 2, 1951 - The war in Korea, frostbite, advancing towards Seoul and rumor of a 38th Parallel being established. On Capitol Hill; wage freeze relaxations, the railroad strike and a move to draft 18 year olds. Atomic testing in Nevada hinted at being responsible for radioactive snowfall in Canada. Religion making a revival, due in large part to the Cold War, the Korean War and The Atomic Bomb.

August 23, 1951 - Korean Truce Talks And Iranian Oil.

News of this day for August 23, 1951 - Korean Truce talks break down (again), Iran and Britain at loggerheads over oil situation. The House of Representatives gets ready to go on vacation. The subject is still the economy and Price Controls.

July 11, 1951 - Ever Hopeful.

News of the day for July 11, 1951 - Korean War Armistice/Ceasfire Talks continue. Fighting continues with casualty count up to 78,726. Cold War news. Soviet purges threatened in satellite countries. Congress debates over Price Controls with Beef Prices taking center stage. Flooding in Kansas threatening to be worst since 1903 and the 250,000th Refugee lands in the U.S. enroute to Wisconsin.