Lamar Smith

Progressive Veterans Running For Congress

Progressive Veterans Running For Congress

REALLY, Warren Davidson? Our veterans are "moochers?" If you feel, like we do, that the real moochers we have to worry about are careerist conservatives in Congress, please check out a new Blue America ActBlue page we started to support progressive military veterans.

With Congress Back To Work, Republican Attacks On EPA Resume

Fresh off the August recess, the United States Congress got back to business today. Rather than focusing on pressing issues like a potential war, looming budget deadlines, and the growing problem of student loan debt, some Republican lawmakers thought it was the perfect time to pick up where they left off before their recess – attacking the Environmental Protection Agency.

Amy Goodman And Ryan Grim On The Incoming GOP House Chairman

From Democracy Now Amy Goodman and the HuffPo's Ryan Grim give us a preview of what we are going to get to look forward from the wingnut Republicans that are going to be chairing the various committees in the House now that the GOP has regained