March 20, 1964 -Spring And The Better Deal.

March 20, 1964 - Three U.S. fliers shot down over East Germany. Cambodia shoots down Vietnamese spotter plane. LBJ at fundraiser offers "Better Deal". Barry Goldwater at fundraiser offers paranoia. Pierre Salinger quits as White House Press Secretary to run for Senate in California. Michigan Governor George Romney blasts Lieutenant Governor over Romney's proposal to strengthen drunk driving laws. First day of Spring.

Newstalgia Thousand Yard Stare - 1966 In Review.

Newstalgia Thousand Yard Stare - 1966 in Review. the 1966 off-year elections. The escalating Vietnam War. Mass killings in Chicago and Austin Texas. Civil Rights. LBJ's trip to Asia. John Lennon and the "Jesus" quote. A strange year.

July 29, 1965 - Vietnam, Civil Rights And Medicare.

News of the day for July 29, 1965. Local New York news, plus World News, including reaction to LBJ Vietnam buildup address, Abe Fortas appointed to Supreme Court, Civil Rights demonstrations throughout the South, another day in paradise.

Newstalgia Reference Room - Dean Rusk - 1967

Newstalgia Reference Room - An interview from Face the Nation with Secretary of State Dean Rusk on Vietnam, the rising tide of dissent towards the war, the recent riots, the Cold War, Communist countries, The middle East, the recent Six Day War. From July 30, 1967