Let Political Ads Go The Way Of Cigarette Commercials

When asked to report on the onslaught of political ads on television words like “flood,” “deluge,” and “torrent,” will suddenly pepper copy. A report from the Borrell Associates estimates $9.8 billion will be spent on political

Cenk Uygur: America Is A Progressive Country

Cenk breaks down a few polls for us that show most Americans are actually liberals or progressives when you look at how they feel about specific issues instead of how they self-identify since liberal has more or less been turned into a dirty word of

Mike's Blog Roundup

at-Largely: John Ashcroft claims Japanese waterboarding is different from American waterboarding. Comments from Left Field: Attention Men! Stay out o

Mike's Blog Roundup

Reality Principles: A branding & marketing professional noticed something important about John McCain's new ad: He is not being marketed as a Repu

Save Tucker Carlson Hilarity

I wasn't going to post about this, but what the heck. It's too funny ...Apparently, there's a "Save Tucker" movement trying to flourish and they have

Republican 'Rebranding' Stumbles

A month ago, congressional Republicans quietly announced that they were crafting a comeback plan, which would get the party back on track. It would in