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After the Future: Shaping Reality or Accepting it Where’s the Outrage?: Dr. Thompson examines conservative healthcare solutions Figleaf's Real Adu

Open Thread

Larger image here. If Republicans want it: fifty votes plus one gets you a big tax cut. If Democrats want it: sixty votes isn't enough to provide

Mike's Blog Round Up

TS here. Lassen Sie uns fortfahren, meine Freunde! On balance, I’m not nostalgic for the university. The women were gorgeous and plentiful, the hock

How To Read A Poll "FOX" Style

This is one of those double take situations. FOX just ran a segment on the TX-22 race. Notice that graphic from the network of "fair and balanc

The Big Picture

Funds Made "Math Mistakes" on Performance Investing Here's an article to infuriate you: Funds Made Math Mistakes on Fees. What sort of erro