Tentative Deal Struck With WGA

GroupNewsBlog: Writers met Saturday in New York City and Los Angeles to hear the proposal. The New York City membership (WGAE) generally was for lift

Ask A Lawyer

Here's a worthwhile project from the AFL-CIO -- it's called "Ask a Lawyer." Can my boss really do that? How many of us find ourselves asking that ver

Way To Go General!

Protest Warriors get hacked via Amanda: The group has also been infiltrated by imposters. Responding to an e-mail soliciting new operations for the Sp

Just Who Is He Talking To?

Buldge Redux Remember all the stuff about whether Bush was wired for the debates? My brother’s column yesterday, The Second Memo


via Direland: Growing anti-Muslim sentiment, opposition to EU membership for Turkey, and fears over losing control of immigration policy all contribut