Michael Medved

The Company Bush Keeps

Oliver Willis noted, "Bush surrounds himself with this echo chamber in order to hear good things about himself, and not hear a single critical word ab

RW Talk Radio

Right Wing Talk radio had been chock full of vile for a long time now...(Read the full post)....Digby: The discourse that everyone is so shocked to s

Mike's Blog Round Up

War and Piece: Terry Gross's interview with an End Times fundie is extraordinary...go listen! Talk To Action: The World Order according to Tim Lehaye

Hugh Hewitt Wrong Again

This is what he said on The Situation Room: HEWITT: "No, that's not right, because talk radio, when you look at Rush, at Sean, at myself, at Laura In

The Phony Hollywood Argument

James Wolcott: "Anyway, the 'Hollywood doesn't reflect mainstream America' argument is one of the oldest and phoniest in the playbook, with Michael

Randall Terry Letter

Randall Terry Founder of Operation Rescue Dear Mr.Terry, I'm so delighted about your new endeavor on the ever-popular Salem Radio Network. They have