Mike Stark

Mike Stark Punks Rush Limbaugh

(h/t PoliticsUSA) Mike Stark somehow managed to get on Rush Limbaugh's radio show yesterday. After confronting Limbaugh with Reagan's actual "accomplishments", Stark asked how on earth Limbaugh and conservatives could possibly support Reagan.

Birthers On The Hill Part 2

Part 2 of Mike Stark's attempt to get these crazy birther Congressmen and Congresswomen to admit that President Barack Obama is a natural born Ameri

Mike Stark: Who Are The Birthers?

Looks like Mike Stark has been having a little fun with our Congress critters: Mike Stark has been up on the Hill all week whipping Democrats to ho

Exxon Shuts Down Yes Men Site

I encouraged all of you to watch the Bill Moyers interview of the Yes Men the other night. Mike Stark called my attention to this diary he put up at d