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Five Federal Policies On Guns You’ve Never Heard Of

By Suevon Lee, ProPublica, Jan. 7, 2013 U.S. gun policy is set by both state and federal law. We previously published an explainer on the ways states have eased gun restrictions. But federal policy, too, has become more gun friendly in

Soldier Suicides Exceed Casualty Count In 2012

Democracy Now!, June 2012 Every week, I do the In Memoriam segment to make sure that for the families of service members reading C&L and those in service know that we have not forgotten about their sacrifices. Each week, I look up those names

Soldier's Mom: Military Suicides Are 'Out Of Control'

This is why I'm so deeply cynical about the so-called "patriotism" of certain politicians. You would think at the very least, taking care of the troops when they come home would be first on their list -- but instead, they talk about tax

Fighting Military Suicides With... Smoothies?

Henry Rollins on military suicides. Isn't this a little... sad? I mean, veterans have so much working against them. Hell, counselors aren't even allowed to ask the veterans they counsel if they have guns (because the NRA doesn't approve). They

Media Distortion: Newspapers Rarely Mention Suicides

I asked a reporter at Unnamed Major Metropolitan Newspaper, why they don’t cover suicides. Why is it that traditionally in the press there's a veil of silence draped over taking your own life? He said it’s because they don’t want to encourage

Artist's Stark Reminder Of "American Kills"

'the counting of dead soldiers outside my studio was long and surprisingly eerie; it was hard to forget that every brush stroke was a soldier who had died the previous year. a lot of people stopped to read the mural and were immediately impressed by