Scalia's Mendacious Coda

Scalia's Mendacious Coda

Blaming the Holocaust on judicial activism is only the latest symptom of Scalia's profound derangement, but his derangement typifies conservatism morebroadly.

Lawrence O'Donnell On Ron Paul's 'Fake' Libertarianism

Lawrence O'Donnell took Ron Paul to task for his very non-Libertarian like views on people's sex lives and contraception that sadly were on full display during last night's Republican debate on CNN. Anyone who's been following him at all already

The Right Thing To Do

What makes me saddest of all things in the world is this: the vast majority of the time the right thing to do morally is the right thing to do in terms of broad self-interest, and yet we don’t believe that and we do the wrong thing, thinking we

Mike's Blog Roundup

History Eraser Button: A few photos of stuff the same distance from the World Trade Center as the "Ground Zero Mosque. Hallowed Ground? How can I tel