BIll Frist: "No Earthly Idea"

Think Progress has the story: Frist claimed this morning on Fox News Sunday that, for the last decade, he has had “no earthly idea” how

ABC Family: We Must Air Pat Robertson Crawford's List: "ABC Family said in a statement that the company is "contractually obligated to air The 700

My Flag Is Bigger Than Yours

Agitprop After September 11 it was almost mandatory to hang an American flag. When people started taking down their flags toward the end of 2001 they

Arnold And The 'Masseuse'

Politics in the Zeros From Steve Lopez in the L.A. Times My colleagues Peter Nicholas and Carla Hall report that while Schwarzenegger was running fo

Dobson's Mob: Move Over Sponge Bob

via The Carpetbagger Report: Over the weekend, Dobson’s supporters decided to respond to Salazar’s criticisms — by going after his wif

Armstrong Williams Has A New Home!

Town Hall is a conserative internet site that is owned by the Heritage Foundation. They printed his column today called My Apology. It's the same, la

Do You Think Harry Reid Was Right?

LA Times [article no longer posted] "Justice Thomas Reports Wealth of Gifts" In the last six years he has accepted free items valued at $42,200, the

Janet's Boob Continues To Offend!

Janet's boob continues to offend! ABC Seeks to Keep Stations from Deserting 'Ryan'By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - ABC television, backed by Re