The War On Chocolate

You can take away our civil liberties, you can take away our expectations of privacy, but when you take away our chocolate, you've gone too far! (

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Heretik : A surge of BS...and squalid, cowardly, despicable demagoguery Radar Online: An Iraq war translator's inside take on America's f

Faith-Based Pork Losing Steam?

Street Prophets : Bill Berkowitz notes, rightly, that the Bush Administration's "faith-based initiatives" program seems to have dropped

Lessons Learned From Somalia

Will at AttyTood takes a look at what lessons right-wingers are learning from the situation in Somalia. It shouldn't surprise you that they have

Harry Taylor Blasts Bush

Taylor was at the North Carolina event today and said he's never felt more ashamed of the leadership of his country. [media id=15174]-WMP [media id

John Murtha Is "The Real Deal"

I had the chance to meet with Rep. John Murtha at a gathering of about 100 people Sunday afternoon over at Arianna Huffington's house. I first became