Staten Island Demands Change, Not Status Quo-- Meet Brittany

"We need a new strategy. We have never, to my knowledge, had a well-resourced campaign for this seat that prioritized energizing and growing our core base instead of trying to flip someone else’s base. We’re building it, and not only can we win this way, but we’re building a campaign that will help transform the political landscape here in the process."

PCCC Ad Attacks McConnell For Opposing Gun Control

A group whose aim is to elect progressive Democrats to Congress released an ad Tuesday hitting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for opposing gun control legislation while receiving campaign donations from gun manufacturers. The ad

Maddow: The Reason The Democratic Party Exists

In one of her better segments, Rachel Maddow talked about the fact that the Democratic Party is getting a big reminder this week with just who their base is and that it would do them some good to quit chasing after corporate money and start

Harry Reid: Social Security 'Off The Table'

As I said after his appearance on Meet the Press a few weeks ago, thank you Harry Reid for pushing back against the rhetoric we've been hearing on Social Security. Now it seems he's gone a bit further. Here's more from TPM -- Harry Reid Takes

Google Is Evil: Rally At Their HQ

Google and Verizon released a new plan this week for how the Internet should operate (see Susan's post for more background), if they got to rule t