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Broder On Woodward

On the WaPo Q&A Clearwater, Fla.: What is your opinion about Bob Woodward's comments last year about the Valerie Plame case ... When "all of the


Debunking Larry Johnson was on with Blitzer and had to do a little debunking of the right wing smears in the Valerie Plame case. [media id=13919]-W

How To Get Tim Russert To Talk

How to get Tim Russert to talk Here's my latest on the Huffington Post: "URGENT MEMO to all future Meet The Press guests: How to get Tim Russert to

Rumor Mill

Rumor Mill A source close to the Plame case is saying that Fitzgerald met alone with Judge Hogan yesterday, presumably to ask for an extension of th

Mike's Blog Round Up

The WitList: GOP Looks Toward Future, Prison The Moderate Voice: If there is an indictment of one or more high White House officials in the Plame cas