progressive agenda

We're Not A Center-Right Nation

On Up with Chris Hayes, a recent study has shown that the American people are far more progressive than DC politicians give them credit for.

Gov. O'Malley Shows What A Blue Budget Looks Like

If Martin O'Malley is pretending to be a progressive so he can run for president, well, I wish more Democrats were that ambitious! Can we clone this guy? This is what a real progressive agenda looks like, Gov. Cuomo: Maryland Gov. Martin

The One Nation Rally: A Photo Gallery

Some further thoughts on Saturday's One Nation Working Together rally in D.C.: -- As you can see from some of these shots (and the video we ran yesterday), the crowd was amazingly diverse: It drew people of all colors and persuasions --

Progressive Kick: Win Big By Thinking Small

I hope by now all C&L readers are aware that we participate in the Blue America PAC to help encourage a more progressive -- and more fearlessly progressive -- Congress. Most of our candidates are running for the House (although we have a