What's On Your Kindle?

While we were all paying attention to Tucson last week, I missed some terrific articles. I'm betting some of you did too, so here's my top list of "you must read these" articles. Take a few minutes and enjoy. Here we go... Howie Klein, on

Mike's Blog Roundup

Big Think: Essential Holiday Reading on National Security Democratic Strategist: The Future is Blue, Part ll Its my Right to be Left of the Center: Time to start rolling out some year-end retrospectives Jesus' General: Department

C&L Opening Bell, 12-23-10

Ho, ho, ho, C&Lers! There have been lots of naughty people in the financial industry this year! But instead of a lump of coal, many of them are getting a big bonus check in their stockings! Let's take a look at some of the yuletide cheer they've